Russian Heavy Draught Horse

Russian Heavy Draught Horse

Almost eliminated in the First World War, the Russian Heavy Draught has since been re-established as a breed.

With their kind temperament and fast walking and trotting gait, these horses are popular riding animals.

Origin: Ukraine.

Colour: mostly chestnut, strawberry roan, or bay.

Height: around 14.2 and 14.3hh.

Conformation: the head is average size, clean cut, with Oriental breediness; the forehead is wide and the profile is straight. The neck is short, broad, fleshy and high crested in stallions. The withers are low and broad; the back is long, broad, often somewhat soft; the croup is long, drooping; the loin is flat. The chest is deep and broad; the ribs are steeply sloping. The front legs are short, set too far apart; the pasterns are sometimes short and ringboned. The knee-joints are often too far back.

Character: very willing disposition.

Uses: Draught work.

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