Russian Don Horse

This breed achieved fame in 1812 – 1814 when used by the military when the Cossacks fought the French.

Most of the French horses were not able to cope with the cold and harsh winter conditions and died, but the Dons thrived in these conditions.

The Don is named after the Steppes region of Russia where the Don river flows.

Origin: Russia.

Colour: mostly chestnut or brown.

Height: between 15.2 and 16.2hh.

Conformation: legs are straight and clean, feet are sound, tough, and free of disease. The neck is of average length, lean, and frequently straight. A wide, well-sprung rib cage and a broad, straight back are definite assets. Overall, the breed is sturdy and handsome, with a refined head and expressive eyes.

Character: easy-going, sociable breed.

Uses: Hacking.