Morgan Horse

This versatile American breed is probably unique in that it developed from just one stallion, Justin Morgan, born in 1789, who stood just 14 hands high but excelled in weight-pulling contests and racing, under saddle and in harness.

His original breeding is not certain but he was remarkably prepotent and three of his sons had particular influence both on the development of the breed and others, including the Quarter horse and Tennessee Walker.

Origin: United States.

Colour: chestnut, brown or black. No white markings permitted above the knee or hock, except on the face.

Height: between 14.1 and 15.2hh.

Conformation: attractive head with broad forehead, large eyes and neat, alert ears, sloping shoulder and well defined withers, deep compact body, broad loins, well-muscled quarters, straight sound legs, long sloping pasterns, sound feet and full mane and tail.

Character: intelligent and tractable.

Uses: riding, showing, stock horse, and carriage driving.

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