Friesian Horse

The modern Friesian descends from one of Europe’s oldest breeds of warmbloods. Yet as little as one hundred years ago, it was nearly extinct.

The Friesian is a prospering breed today due to the efforts of a few admirers of this magnificent warm-blooded horse.

Origin: Netherlands.

Colour: Black.

Height: average 14.3 to 15.3hh.

Conformation: head is rather long but fine. The ears are short but alert. The eyes are dark and expressive. The neck is elegantly and impressively arched. The mane is long and flowing. The shoulders are powerful and well muscled. The chest is prominent. The body is compact, strong and deep. The hindquarters are not massive, but strong, with a sloping croup, and a low-set, very luxuriant tail.

Character: quiet, willing, hard-working and sensitive.

Uses: Riding, Driving.

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