Florida Cracker Horse

(Seminole Pony, Chickasaw Pony, Florida Horse, Florida Cow-Pony) The Crackers take their name from the whip “crackers” who herded and penned wily Spanish cattle, this breed developed in Florida primarily as cow ponies.

Similar in heritage and size to Paso Finos, etc., many Crackers have a running walk or a single foot rack.

Origin: United States.

Colour: solid colours and roan, but can be any colour.

Height: between 14 and 15 hh.

Conformation: neck is well-defined, fairly narrow, without excessive crest and is about the same length as the distance from the withers to the croup. The back is short, narrow and strong with well sprung ribs. The croup is sloping and short. Tail is set medium low.

Character: easy-going, sociable breed .

Uses: Hacking.

Florida Cracker Horse Association, Inc.

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