Danish Warmblood Horse

One of the more recent of the selectively bred European competition horses is the Danish Warmblood, whose stud-book was not opened until the 1960s.

In a relatively short space of time, however, Danish breeders have succeeded in producing a competition horse of superior quality and more versatility than many of the European breeds.

Origin: Denmark.

Colour: Black, chestnut, bay or dark brown.

Height: average 15 to 17hh.

Conformation: The best Danish horses have a Thoroughbred outline that is combined with substance, strength, and good legs.

Character: courageous and spirited, have excellent temperaments, and good, free action.

Uses: Dressage, Cross Country.

The Danish Warmblood Society

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Tel: (+45) 87 47 54 00
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Email: varmblod@varmblod.dk
Website: www.varmblod.dk

North American Danish Warmblood Association

Email: elizabeth@danishwarmblood.org
Website: www.danishwarmblood.org