Canadian Horse

The Canadian Horse or Le Cheval Canadien originated from horses sent to Quebec by King Louis XIV in the late 1600’s.

These horses, the best from the King’s stable, were of French Norman, Breton, Arab, Andalusian and Spanish Barb descent.

Origin: Canada.

Colour: Black, chestnut, bay or dark brown.

Height: Average 14 to 16 Hands.

Conformation: Straight legs, good feet, and a well balanced, compact and muscular body.

Character: They are recognizable by their finely chiselled heads, arched necks and long, thick and often wavy tails and manes. They have sturdy legs with good bone, and have exceptionally hard, strong feet. They are renowned for their kind, sociable natures, intelligence and willingness to please.

Uses: Dressage, Hunter Jumper, Eventing, Endurance, Trail, Packing, Ranch Work, Mounted Patrol, Logging, Carriage Driving, Combined Driving, Wagon Rides.