Arabian Horse

One of the oldest and most beautiful breeds, its original make-up is unknown but it appears they lived on the Arabian Peninsula up to 3000 years BC.

Possibly no other breed has exerted as much influence on as many of today’s breeds. Their desert origins mean they are well adapted to harsh conditions – endurance, soundness and the ability to thrive on meagre rations.

Origin: Arabia.

Colour: Chestnut, grey, bay and black.

Height: between 14.2 and 15hh.

Conformation: small, elegant concave head, curved neck, long sloping shoulder, broad chest and deep body, short back, hard clean limbs, hard well-shaped feet, fine mane and tail.

Character: intelligent, responsive.

Uses: riding, showing, endurance, racing.

International Arabian Horse Association

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World Arabian Horse Organisation
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