Australian Stock Horse

As Australia developed rapidly with the exploration following the 1830’s, knowledgeable horse breeders imported a steady stream of Thoroughbreds to improve the local horse strains.

The use of Thoroughbred stallions over the condition-hardened local mares produced the beautiful strain of tough but stylish animal exemplified by today’s Australian Stock Horse.

The name Waler is derived from the term ‘New South Waler’, a horse bred in Australia’s first colony in New South Wales. The Waler was originally bred as a working horse and is extremely versatile with speed, stamina, a kind temperament and loyal nature.

Origin: New South Wales, Australia.

Colour: All colours.

Height: between 15.0 and 16hh.

Conformation: Thoroughbred-type with alert head, deep girth, strong back and hindquarters.

Character: willing, versatile, hardy.

Uses: stock and harness work, endurance, competitions – from dressage to showjumping.

The Australian Stock Horse Society


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