Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse

The Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse has been bred in the hills of Kentucky for over 200 years. This horse was never deemed special by its breeders, for it was bred for practical reasons only. Life was hard and families were large.

The Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse was used for a variety of tasks and was given little attention as to its care. The Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse had to adapt to the environment and be a horse that was considered an easy keeper. Only the strongest and fittest survived and this served to make the breed a healthy, strong, and highly intelligent horse.

Origin: Kentucky.

Colour: any solid colour.

Height: from 13.1 to 16hh.

Conformation: medium, sturdy build with long muscles, medium feet and head and a proportional body, hind and legs.

Character: willing, gentle, a lot of natural endurance, sure-footed.

Uses: Trail and all round riding horse.

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