Dutch Warmblood Horse

The Dutch Warmblood is a modern sport horse derived from the selective breeding of German, French, and English horses crossed with the native Dutch stock.

Dutch Warmblood horses are famous for their character, soundness and athletic ability and are exported to all corners of the globe. Many are international winners under the flags of many different nations in international competitions and Olympic Games.

Origin: Netherlands.

Colour: Chestnut, bay, black or grey with white markings often on the face and legs.

Height: average 16.2hh.

Conformation: The head is well shaped, usually with a straight profile, and the neck is arched and well muscled, merging neatly into the withers, which are fairly prominent. The back is straight and fairly long, with the croup short, broad and flat. The tail is set high. The chest of this horse is deep and full and the shoulder is well sloped. The legs are strong with a long forearm. Hind quarters are powerful and highly muscled.

Character: appealing modern horses, with great eagerness, reliability and intelligence.

Uses: Dressage, Show Jumping, Harness.

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