American Azteca Horse

The Azteca horse was the first breed developed in Mexico, and was the result of crossing Andalusians with quarter horses and criollos. the native Indians used them for hunting buffalo and fighting wars, and they became prized possessions.

Origin: Mexico.

Colour: All except for appaloosa and paint.

Height: average 14 to 15hh.

Conformation: well-proportioned and presents a beautiful overall picture. The animal should be in good flesh, with good muscle tone and a smooth, glossy coat.

Character: attractive heads with a straight or slightly convex face, with lively, expressive eyes. A well-arched neck sports a flowing, thick mane. They are generally lively, happy and willing to please. The Azteca should have a deep chest and a short, straight and strong back. The hindquarters should be muscular, the legs strong and long with well-proportioned feet.

Uses: suitable for most disciplines, from show jumping to bullfighting.

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