Pony of the Americas

In 1954, Les Boomhower was a Shetland pony breeder and a lawyer with his own practice in Mason City, Iowa.

A neighbour offered Les an Arab/Appaloosa mare who had accidentally been bred to a Shetland stallion. She was due to foal that spring.

Les waited until the foal was born before he bought the mare. The little colt born of this union was white with what looked like black paint smears all over his body.

Origin: United States.

Colour: leopard.

Height: 46 and 56 inches at maturity.

Conformation: symmetrical and smooth head is clean cut and slightly dished, showing mottled skin about the nostrils and lips; forehead is wide; sclera of eyes is white, adding distinctiveness to head appearance. The neck shows quality with clean cut throat latch and large windpipe; chest is deep and blends into well-muscled sloping shoulders; withers are prominent and well-defined; forearm is well muscled, long, wide and tapered down to a broad knee; cannons are short, wide and flat with wide, smooth and strongly supported fetlocks; pastern is medium long and sloping; hooves are striped, rounded, deep, open and wide at heels; back is short and straight; loin is short and wide; underline is long with the flank well let down; hips are smoothly covered, being long, sloping and muscular; thighs are long, muscular and deep, blending into well-rounded quarters; gaskins are long, wide and muscular, extending to clean, clearly defined, wide, straight hocks.

Character: obedience to all commands and includes the ability to stand quietly, back readily, walk, jog, lope or stop as requested.

Uses: riding.

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