American Miniature Horse

American Miniature Horse

A small, sound, well-balanced horse, possessing the correct conformation characteristics required of most breeds ­­refinement and femininity in the mare, boldness and masculinity in the stallion.

The general impression should be one of symmetry, strength, agility and alertness.

The Miniature Horses of today are stylish, well-proportioned and the product of nearly 400 years of selected breeding.

Origin: USA.

Colour: Any colour or marking pattern, and any eye colour, is equally acceptable. The hair should be lustrous and silky.

Height: Must measure not more than 34 inches at the base of the last hairs of the mane.

Conformation: In proportion to length of neck and body. Broad forehead with large prominent eyes, set wide apart. Comparatively short distance between eyes and muzzle. Profile straight or slightly concave below the eyes. Large nostrils. Clean, refined muzzle. Even bite. Medium in size. Pointed. Carried alertly, with tips curving slightly inward. Clean and well defined, allowing ample flexation at the poll.

Flexible, lengthy, in proportion to body and type and blending smoothly into the withers.

Long, sloping and well-angulated, allowing a free swinging stride and alert head/neck carriage. Well muscled forearm. Well muscled, with ample bone and substance. Balanced and well proportioned. Short back and loins in relation to length of underline. Smooth and generally level topline. Deep girth and flank. Trim barrel.

Long, well-muscled hip, thigh and gaskin. Highest point of croup to be same height as withers. Tail set neither excessively high or low, but smoothly rounding at the rump.

Set straight and parallel when viewed from front or back. Straight, true and squarely set, when viewed from side with hooves pointing directly ahead. Pasterns sloping about 45 degrees and blending smoothly, with no change of angle, from the hooves to the ground. Hooves to be round and compact, trimmed as short as practical for an unshod horse. Smooth, fluid gait in motion.

Character: Eager to please, gentle and affectionate.

Uses: Driving, Halter, Jumping (in-hand)

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