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Missing Horses
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Horse stolen early hours of the 4th of June. 14.1 6 year old gelding Irish sports horse. Absolutely adorable very gentle nature. Also red Ifor Williams trailer stolen registration number RN53 EHO with a wheel clamp still attached which must have caused some damage.

£2000 reward.


07875177189 | 01663 763708 | 0161 4940990 | 07896421728

Do you recognise this bay Mare age 15 to 20ish, 16hh very high withers with a white mark on backbone, a few white hairs central forehead but no other white marks?

Freeze marked 88BY in the Grimsby area in November 1995 and possibly evented and owned by a girl at or near Moreton Morrel College 6 to 9 years ago when she was bought as a brood mare.

I have bought this mare with a passport that does not match her. The passport belongs to a bay mare called Alice Cosford. The passport mare is described with white hairs on a front pastern and a bordered fleshy snip near right nostril, small star with 2 whorls and a few white hairs on bridge of nose.

Perhaps you have this mare with my passport?

If you have any information that may help please contact Ginny on 01842 827111 or 07776 181035 - Thank you.

I am Jamy Snellen 14 years old and I live in the Netherlands.

A few months ago a sold my pony Lion King to the UK. They promised me that they will let me know how Lion was doing. With his paper I gave them my address and my email but I never heard of him.
Lion King is 9 years old chestnut gelding and he is 1.46m. He has a westfalian paper and his Father is Chantre B and his mother is Messina. Lion is a very good jumper en also a good dressage pony. Please if somebody knows where Lion is please let me know. We all miss him very much. For us he was fantastic.

My email is and our phone number is +31614707768.

Does anyone know the whereabouts of TAZ a black cob (with thin white stripe) cross freisian gelding 15.3 approx at age 3 so could have made 16hh possibly, aged approx 12/13 now? I sold him from Bury, Lancashire as a 3/4 year old to a lady called Julie who took him to live in Haslingden, Lancashire somewhere near the equestrian centre and she promised to keep in touch but we moved soon after losing her address during the move.........I'd love to know how he's doing as he had a wonderful nature and was so easy to break that i did it alone when i was 7mths pregnant!! A lovely cob who was loved by all.........does he sound familiar to anyone???????????

Contact Julie on 0161 724 6501 or email at

Black 15 hands Frisian cross mare. Bought by a lady from Sheffield. I am her first owner and would like to know how she is going on. Also have photos which may be of interest to the current owner.
Tel:  Rachel on 07904 551022

I am trying to find the whereabouts of my cob sold last summer to a dealer near Reading, Berks. I believe him to still be in this area (perhaps a Riding School). He is a black / brown heavyweight irish cob with half a white face, wall eye, white feathers and a white marking that looked like a bandage on one front leg. He will be six this summer. I would like any news, perhaps you've seen him somewhere.

Please contact Jane at:

Has anybody seen or bought this horse he is chestnut coloured and he has socks on his two back legs he loves riding out and isn't really keen on being groomed especially near the nose or forehead he is calm near traffic and is very energetic and absolutely loves attention he lives in or out but doesn't really like being boxed he can jump 4ft while in trot at ease.

If you have any information on his whereabouts please contact Dawn at:

Hi, My horse is not missing I sold her approximately 1984 to a girl called Elaine, she was then sold on and placed in or around the Ashton-under-Lyne area she may no longer be with us now but I would love to hear from anyone who may know anything about her. Name Kerema, chestnut ¾ breed Arab mare with a small white star. Please contact me with any details large or small.

Contact Lisa

Missing Horse Image Does anybody know this Horse I sold him 20 years ago to a dealer called Les Churchill in Coulsdon in Surrey. He was only about 3 then so will be an old gentleman now, he was a bright bay with four white socks and a white blaze with two bay blobs coming over his left eye. The dealer said he sold him to a family in Kent near Maidstone, I know it is a long shot but if anyone has any info I would really be glad to know what happened to him.
Missing Horse Image - Ed My horse isn't missing but I would love to know his whereabouts and if he is ok. His name at the time was Ed and he would be 14 now. I owned him as a baby and loved him dearly he had a really laid back sweet nature. He must of matured to about 15.2-16 hh and has lovely markings. He is bay and white and has more bay on his body than white. He has a oval star and a splodge of white between his nostrils. He was quite fine for a coloured and had little feather but all that could of changed as he got older. We sold him to a dealer called Colin Lancaster who lived in Knypersly, Stoke on Trent in 1990. He subsequently sold him to a lady who lived Uttoxeter area.

Please if anyone knows of Ed good or bad I would love to know e-mail me at:
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