Malta’s Equestrian Legacy: A History of Horse Racing on the Island

Malta, an island nation in the Mediterranean Sea, boasts a rich equestrian tradition dating back centuries. Horse racing in Malta is as vibrant and colourful as its culture itself.

From its infancy onward, Malta has always had a deep-seated passion for horses that dates back to when knights of St. John first settled here during the 16th century and brought with them their love of riding and formal horse racing events that they introduced.

The Marsa Race Track

Established in 1868, the Marsa Race Track became the epicentre of Maltese horse racing. Over time, its popularity grew, becoming a gathering point for aristocrats and ordinary people alike who all came to cheer their horses and jockeys on to victory!

Horse Racing in Malta Is an Enthusiasm-Uniting Sport

Horse racing in Malta isn’t exclusive; it unites people of all backgrounds through a shared enthusiasm for this exciting sport. On race days, people from diverse backgrounds come together, united by their shared excitement for this thrilling activity. The atmosphere on track days is electric, with hooves thundering down the track, spectators cheering each other’s names, and shouts of encouragement from spectators in attendance.

Role of the Malta Racing Club

Malta Racing Club LogoThe Malta Racing Club is essential in upholding and expanding Malta’s equestrian tradition. Their organization organizes races, cares for horses in need, and fosters continued interest in horseback riding as a sport. As protectors of tradition while welcoming modernity with innovative technologies to enhance racing experiences.

Celebrating Tradition

Every year, special events and festivals commemorate Malta’s rich equestrian tradition. One such festival is the Mdina Grand Prix, where classic cars and motorcycles share the spotlight with horse races. This event highlights how competitive individuals on both four wheels and four legs enjoy speed competition on this island nation.

Malta: Looking Ahead for Horse Racing’s Future

At first glance, horse racing’s future in Malta appears bright. Thanks to continued support from community members and investments in facilities and training facilities, its legacy will likely survive for future generations – not least thanks to Malta’s passion for this form of competition!

Wrapping Up

Horse racing in Malta is more than just a sport; it’s also a tribute to its history, culture, and people and an expression of their enduring affection for these beautiful beasts. From ancient cobblestones to cheers at Marsa Race Track, Malta’s proud equestrian legacy continues without limit or hindrance.


Marsa - Home to Malta's Racecourse
Marsa, Home to Malta’s Primary Racecourse (Credit: Indegerd / bigstock)

What are the main horse racing tracks in Malta?

The Marsa Race Track is Malta’s primary horse racing venue, hosting both trot and flat racing events year-round.

When does horse racing season occur in Malta?

Horse racing usually takes place on weekends throughout the year, with peak periods being in the spring and autumn months.

Can You Bet on Horse Racing Events in Malta?

Betting on horse racing events is legal and widely practiced across Malta. You can bet on the biggest racing events at Lottoland Malta.

Are there any major horse racing events in Malta?

One of the premier events for Maltese horse racing is the Malta Derby, which attracts an enthusiastic audience and showcases some of the finest thoroughbreds from Malta and nearby.

How can I attend horse racing events in Malta?

Tickets may be purchased either on race days at the gate or ahead of time through Marsa Race Track’s official website or authorized sellers.

Are there dress requirements for attending Malta races?

While general admission does not have a strict dress code, certain areas, such as VIP stands, may have specific guidelines regarding attire that encourage smart casual dress.