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Health Centre
Health Horse Image World of Horses Health Centre is a new section offering a wide range of information, news and links relating to equine health and behaviour. 

If you are a horse owner, make sure that you check in regularly for the latest news on any health warnings that may affect your precious companion.

Picture courtesy of Healthcare Solutions
Health Centre Directory
News Services and Links Features
Arthro-Ease For Animals
Find out more about this great product that could help relieve the pain of arthritis for your horse or dog.

Treating worms in horses

Special article by leading specialist about how to protect your horse by keeping worms under control.

Alva International - A Natural Phenomenon!

Read about Alva International the company who are taking show horses to new heights thanks to a natural range of products!
Homeopathic Vets - UK Vets - Laboratories 

Health/Veterinary sites from around the world

Got a 'horsey problem'? Then don't miss Karry Gardners' seriously funny but seriously useful Problem Pages 

DR Ask a Vet and
Veterinarian Info Newsletter
All we need is the air we breathe...
Karry Gardner's excellent report on her battle with breathing problems in horses - COPD and SAD - Click here to read now!

Equine Herpesvirus
- Symptoms and Advice feature for all horse owners

Veterinary Homeopathy, Acupuncture and Herbal Medicines - Feature article from a leading Veterinary Surgeon Christopher Day, who is a herbal vet and holistic vet of thirty-five years experience. He runs the Alternative Veterinary Medicine Centre, in Oxfordshire and treats horses all over the UK.
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