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Herbal Products
Ellen Collinson Herbal Products

Herbal products, the best alternative to conventional medicine


Telephone: 0845 2603602

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Equine Health Supplements Equine Health Supplements

A full range of herbal supplements for your horse or pony.

Distributor for Pegasus Health

Email: | Telephone: 084505 68462
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Midge & Mozzie

We are pleased to announce the launch of MIDGE & MOZZIE, an extremely effective DEET free mosquito repellent now available for the equestrian industry. Repels nasty airborne biting insects instantly keeping your horse calm and controlled. Contains a safe formula made from a blend of natural essential oils and a unique cologne creating fantastic results.

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Land For Horses

Find your horse the perfect home with Land for Land sourcing service, off market land and equestrian care tips from an experienced owner.

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Horse whisperer & Equine energy healer

Workshops - Equine Reiki & Intuitive Touch Levels 1, 2 Practitioner Ginny Patterson A National Horse Whisperer, & Healer A troubled horse? Ginny can interpret on behalf of horses, as a translator she is second to none in making their voices heard. 

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Anna Bonnage Horsemanship Instructor

In teaching horsemanship I focus on the individual needs of each horse and rider. I work with horses that have developed troubled behaviour, working alongside their owner to create clarity and understanding.

I also work with riders who just wish to improve their level of skill when handling, hacking, schooling or competing. I travel to your facilities to teach both adults or children on their own horse. I also take horses in for training and backing at Higher Langdon Barn, North Bovey, Dartmoor.

Email: | Web:

Joanna Glyn B.S.J.A Qualified, Insured. I treat all types of horses or ponies for any physical or behavioural problems with excellent results. Racing or competition injuries, lameness of any type, breeding problems, sweet itch, laminitis, wind and heart problems, serious or chronic illnesses etc. Also welcome: Racing whippets and greyhounds, dogs, cats, farm animals, small pets.

Postal consultations or local visits (Bucks)

Tel: 01844 292575

C H R is a registered charity 1101452 and is dedicated to equine welfare. We rescue 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All equines that we rescue remain the charity's property for the remainder of their lives. Our aim is to foster all equines on a long term foster agreement to vetted homes.

Contact Us:

Equine Sports Massage Therapy is mainly used for the following-

Pre-event : As part of a training and injury prevention program by loosening and warming muscles prior to competition.
Post-event : As part of the cooling down and recovery process by reducing soreness and stiffness in the muscles.
Maintenance : As a regular part of the horse exercise program to keep the muscles in tune and to aid in the prevention of injury.
Rehabilitation : As part of the recovery program to facilitate faster healing through increased blood flow and to prevent compensatory lameness.
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Janet Carter

Janet Carter's Midge & Mozzie Repellent provides the perfect protection for your horse. Keep him calm and controlled this summer, free from biting stable flies, gnats, mosquitoes and other airborne pests. Deet free and safe with long lasting coverage.

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Alva International 

A combination of pure essential oils and aloe vera blended together with our creams and conditioners. Show preparation products and products to aid the bodies own natural healing process.

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British Horse Society

UK horse welfare and re-homing Centres. Active in promoting all aspects of horse and rider safety in the UK

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Craufurdland Pet Pastures- Animal Burial Ground

Woodland Burial Ground in the beautiful Ayrshire countryside catering for all animal lovers. We have plots for all pets from hamsters to horses. Our larger plots are all individually marked with a tree of the owner's choice.

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Locating nurse mares and colostrum to orphan foals world wide. A free international service.

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Dream Catcher Farm Horse Sanctuary

Horse sanctuary with horse pictures, horse rescue stories, free pet picture post, animals, puppies, reciprocal link exchange and more  

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Holistic Horsekeeping 

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Horses shiatsu
Horses can benefit from Finger massage Therapy find out more... 

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Greatwood Caring for Retired Racehorses

History and information about this wonderful breed. Also event information for Breed shows in the UK  

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MSM For Horses

MSM for horses is credited with clearing up and preventing, epiphysitis (inflammation of the growth center just above the knee) in fast young growing horses.

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New European Distressed Donkey Initiative

Established to offer care and safety to donkeys (and to a lesser degree, ponies) within Britain and Europe at risk from neglect, cruelty or mal-treatment

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Redwings Horse Sanctuary

The charity is established for the purpose of relieving the suffering of horses, ponies and donkeys from neglect and slaughter and to provide them with a caring home for the rest of their days

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Spanish Society For The Protection Of Horses

The object of the S.E.P.E. is to assist with the advancement of horse knowledge and care.

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Stolen Horse Register

A definitive database of U.K stolen horses. Full descriptions and colour pictures. Can you help!!.

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The Veteran Horse Society

Based in the UK we are dedicated to the welfare and care of horses over the age of 15.

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UK Horsewatch

Stolen Horse List. Stolen trailer list. 40+ pages of crime prevention. Message board. Crime updates. Police supported. Can you stop yourself from being a victim, before its to late!

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The Donkey Sanctuary

Charity to help donkeys both here in the UK and overseas.
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