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Mill House Animal Sanctuary Country: United Kingdom

British Para Show Jumping Association

The BPSJA was formed to look after the interests of Disabled riders, on our site you can keep upto date with all the latest information, shows and whats happening in Para Show Jumping World, we are also currently seeking charity status | Back to Top
The Horse Rescue Fund Image Horse Rescue Fund

Horse rescue fund, registered charity, devoted to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of all needy equines
Country: United Kingdom | Back to Top
The Mare and Foal Sanctuary Image The Mare & Foal Sanctuary

We rescue and provide care for and prevent cruelty and suffering among horses and ponies that are in need of attention by reason of sickness, maltreatment, ill usage or other like causes and to provide temporary or permanent homes for such horses and ponies
Country: United Kingdom | Back to Top
Essex Horse and Pont Protection Society Image Essex Horse and Pony Protection Society

Essex based Registered Charity dedicated to rescuing horses and ponies from abuse and neglect. Sanctuary open to visitors every Saturday and Sunday afternoon 1pm til 5pm and Bank Holiday Mondays. See our Website.
Country: United Kingdom | Back to Top
Chigwell Riding Trust for Special Needs
The Chigwell Riding Trust was the first purpose built riding centre for people with special needs in the world.
Country: United Kingdom | Back to Top

Georgia Equine Rescue League Ltd
The Georgia Equine Rescue League, Ltd. is a non-profit organization that works together with the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s (G.D.A.) Equine Division, to help Georgia’s starved, abused, and neglected horses. G.E.R.L. organized in 1992 because Georgia’s treasury was not able to fund the “Humane Care for Equine Act.” This act gave the G.D.A. the authority to impound neglected horses
Country: United States | Back to Top

International League for the Protection of Horses - ILPH
ILPH is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of cruelty cases both in the UK and abroad. Country: United Kingdom | Back to Top

Mark Davies Injured Riders Fund
Helping those injured by horses.  
Country: United Kingdom | Back to Top

Mostonbrook Sanctuary Equine Home of Rest
Mostonbrook Sanctuary in Wales is a charity that rescue horses, ponies and donkeys that have been ill-treated, are retired, are too frail to work or who have been overworked, or abandoned.  
Country: United Kingdom | Back to Top

Redwings Horse Sanctuary
Redwings is the largest Horse Sanctuary in the UK caring for over 1,000 horses, ponies and donkeys 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Country: United Kingdom | Back to Top

Ride and Rescue Trust
Relieve the suffering of horses and ponies and in particular provides and maintains rescue homes or other facilities for the reception and care of unwanted, neglected, sick or ill-treated horses and for the treatment of sick or neglected horses and ponies.
Country: United Kingdom | Back to Top

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - RSPCA
Main UK charity working to help and rescue all kinds of animals including horses.  
Country: United Kingdom | Back to Top

Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre
The Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre is the original charity dedicated to rehabilitating and re-homing thoroughbred racehorses.
Country: United Kingdom | Back to Top

Trallwm Farm Animal Sanctuary
Country: United Kingdom |
Back to Top

World Equine Organisation
World Equine Organisation, a charity registered in England but with truly world wide interests. Our aim is to improve the welfare of equines wherever they may be found
Country: United Kingdom | Back to Top
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