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    Horse Image 

    This is the great new look advertisement for horse owners looking to Hire, Loan or Share their horse or pony.

    For only 9.99 + VAT you can advertise your horse or pony for loan, hire or share right to over 3,000 people every day here on World of Horses... AND include a photograph to show them off! 

    To place your advert NOW with our Online Service simply CLICK HERE

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    NEW! For Loan - 16hh Gelding  

    Name: Granite
    Gender: Gelding
    Height: 16hh
    Age: 20
    Breed: Anglo-Arab
    Colour: Flea Bitten Grey

    Loan Details -

    Must stay in current yard.
    For permanent loan/part share (max 5 wk days).
    Must be a confident, experienced rider. Not novice
    A Good Trustworthy Honest Gentleman
    Well schooled, enjoys working, hacking.
    ONLY advertised due to my own disability..

    County: Canbridgeshire
    01354 680041
    EMail: karrie@bellebantams.co.uk

    NEW! For Loan - 14.3hh Gelding  

    Breed - Middleweight Cob
    - Piebald
    - 14.3hh
    Age - 13
    Name - Zack

    Loan Details -

    Forward going lovely boy -suit teenager or adult
    Jumps showjumps and natural fences
    No vices apart from slight barging when excited
    Good to shoe, clip and box
    Happy to hack alone or in company
    Must stay locally to Canterbury area.

    County: Kent
    01304 812023
    EMail: macntonka@aol.com

    For Loan - 16hh Bay Gelding  

    Breed - TB
    - Bay
    - 16hh
    Age - 23
    Name - Basil

    Loan Details -

    Companion horse only
    Perfect gent
    Due to ill fitting saddle no longer ridden
    Rested over winter so could try light hacking
    Must stay in Surrey or surrounding area
    Will be checked on every 12 weeks.

    County: Surrey
    01483 271016
    EMail: seafare@btinternet.com

    For Loan - 12hh Gelding  

    Breed - Welsh Section A
    - Strawberry Roan
    - 12hh
    Age - 2
    Name - Harry Potter

    Loan Details -

    Full loan
    Loving home
    Knowledgeable home
    Needs bringing on
    Lack of time
    Naughty cheeky boy.

    County: Worcestershire
    07798 741273
    EMail: alan388@btinternet.com

    For Loan - 16hh Bay Gelding  

    Breed - TB
    - Bay
    - 16hh
    Age - 23
    Name - Basil

    Loan Details -

    Companion horse only
    Perfect gent
    Due to ill fitting saddle no longer ridden
    Rested over winter so could try light hacking
    Must stay in Surrey or surrounding area
    Will be checked on every 12 weeks.

    County: Surrey
    01483 271016
    EMail: seafare@btinternet.com

    For Loan - 12.1hh Bay Gelding  

    Breed - Section A Welsh type
    - Bay
    - 12.1hh
    Age - 12
    Name - Wellington

    Loan Details -

    Ideally a competitive home as he enjoys/needs work
    Will happily live out
    Could stay at livery at WEC in Wokingham if local
    Would consider 60 mile radius of Reading
    Goes better with confident rider
    Annual contract with tack and rugs provided .

    County: Berkshire
    07803 116714

    EMail: penny@wcon.co.uk

    For Loan - 15.3hh Gelding  

    Breed - Thoroughbred
    - Bay
    - 15.3hh
    Age - 9

    Loan Details -

    Willing to move but must be local
    Doesn't travel too well in boxes
    Suffers with kidneys when ridden
    Gorgeous horse with wonderful temperament
    Companion horse only due to kidneys.

    County: Wirral
    07915 430280

    EMail: puscat1@yahoo.co.uk

    For Loan - 15.3hh TBX Appaloosa 

    Breed - TBx Appaloosa
    - Dun Appaloosa
    - 15.3hh
    Age - 10
    Name - Gibson

    Loan Details -

    Safe, genuine, forward-going horse. Snaffle-mouthed.
    Offered for loan 2-3 days/wk due to lack of time.
    Schooled in basic dressage, nice jumper.
    Firm, but gentle, competent rider wanted.
    Help with livery costs wanted.
    Must stay on current 5* full-livery yard.

    County: Merseyside

    EMail: charlotteprowse_pharmacy@hotmail.co.uk

    NEW! For Loan - 14.2hh Grey/Rowan Gelding  

    Breed - Welsh Section D
    - Grey/Rowan
    - 14.2hh
    Age - 4
    Name - Linton

    Loan Details -

    Part Loan required for this intelligent, loving pony.
    Suitable as a project horse for an experienced, kind rider.
    OK with farrier, needs only trimming and rasping.
    Must stay in local area preferably at existing livery yard.
    Shared contributions required for livery etc. .

    County: West Yorkshire
    Tel: 07506 363003

    For Loan - 15.3 hh Dark Bay Mare  

    Breed - ID/Dutch Warmblood
    - Dark Bay
    - 15.3hh
    Age - 15
    Name - Samira

    Loan Details -

    Must stay at own yard in Upminster, Essex
    You must have previously owned or loaned a horse
    You need to be able to drive and be over 21
    Experienced riders only.

    County: Essex
    Tel: 07956 883 063
    Email: lindagscott2003@yahoo.co.uk

    For Loan - 13hh Dark Bay Mare 

    Breed -Exmoor
    - Dark Bay
    - 13 hh
    Age - 13
    Name - Millie

    Loan Details -

    Experienced loan/share home required
    Confident rider needed/ideal 2nd pony
    Loves showjumping/fabulous, safe hack
    Prefer pony to stay in same yard
    Easy to do, does not bite or kick, not mareish
    Lessons could be included with owner. 

    County: Oxon
    Tel: 07730 001276
    Email: helen.holland@virgin.net

    For Loan - Bay Gelding

    Breed -Thoroughbred x Andalucian
    - Bay
    Age - 5 years 9 months
    Name - September

    Loan Details -

    Full loan for 6 months or a year can be on going
    Needs very experienced kind, but firm rider.
    Prefer to stay in own yard OR in Leicestershire
    All Livery costs to be paid ,insurance, vet etc
    120 p/m blankets and tack supplied
    Schooled and can jump, but needs bringing on. .

    County: Leicestershire
    Tel: 07534 953617
    Email: rosamonde.guedesherrera@yahoo.co.uk

    For Loan - 15hh Chestnut Flaxen Gelding

    Breed - Welsh Section D x
    - Chestnut / Flaxen
    Age - 9
    Name - Louey

    Loan Details -

    Would suit teenager / young adult
    Lives in / out, easy to do
    Must stay at Own yard near Maidstone
    Ideal for PC type activities
    Forward going, very safe but not novice
    Excellent for XCountry, hacking allrounder

    County: Kent
    Tel: 07974 447220
    Email: jane.burdett@kentscp.com

    For Loan - 12.2hh Bay Gelding

    Breed - Welsh Part Bred
    - Bay
    Age - 11
    Name - Rosegreen Classic Gold

    Loan Details -

    Experienced family.
    Good, competent little jockey. No novices please!
    Good organised daily routine.
    An understanding of ponies. .

    County: Hertfordshire
    Tel: 077360 72587
    Email: hollandloz@aol.com

    For Loan - 16hh Grey Gelding

    Breed - Warmblood
    - Grey
    Age - 15
    Name - Leks

    Loan Details -

    Competed at preliminary dressage - established lateral work
    Has hacked - best in company
    Needs kind, competent, confident rider
    Not for beginner or as first horse
    Prefer to stay on current yard - Barton u Needwood
    Seen at livery - Alternative contact Rose -07956 405275 .

    County: Staffordshire
    Tel: 07766 736946
    Email: tc241103@yahoo.co.uk

    For Loan - 15.2 Dark Bay Mare

    Breed - TB X
    - Dark Bay
    Age - 6
    Name - Larna

    Loan Details -

    She is a wonderful loving mare. She is good to hack out alone or in company.
    Needs a reasonably experienced rider, not a novice
    *No under 18's* , MUST stay at present 5* yard
    Looking for a kind caring loving person to part loan, contribution required. .

    County: South Cheshire
    Tel: 07984 306353
    Email: lee.dewhurst@ddblondon.com

    For Loan - 12hh Mare 

    Colour -  Dapple Grey
    Age - 10
    Name - Marsh Rosina
    Breed - Welsh Section A
    Height - 12hh

    Stunning pony, would go to top with right jockey. Ideal for M&M, WHP, Pony Club
    Not a first pony suit small adult/competent child. Lack of time and rider forces loan
    Lightly but very successfully shown.

    County: Kent
    Tel: 07949 845625
    Email: esollis@talktalk.net

    For Loan - 11.2 Mare 

    Colour -  Chestnut
    Age - 5
    Name - Tricksy
    Breed - Welsh Section A
    Height - 11.2hh

    Good to catch & groom, good with Farrier, vet and dentist.
    Must be an experienced home as still green, but is willing to learn.
    Good home essential. Must be to an experienced kind home.

    County: Bucks
    Tel: 07872 929173

    For Loan - 14.3 Gelding 

    Colour -  Black
    Age - 8
    Name - Magic
    Breed - Dales/Welsh Section D
    Height - 14.3hh

    Looking for experienced rider, adult or teen to help exercise/school Magic 2/3 times a week. Based at a livery yard near Cambridge. Excellent facilities, instructor available.
    25 per week

    County: Cambs
    Tel: 07768 214771

    For Loan - 14.1 Mare 

    Colour -  Bright Bay
    Age - 20's
    Name - Polly
    Breed - Welsh X
    Height - 14.1hh

    Fun, kind and reliable
    Due to age suitable mainly for hacking & schooling
    Full of beans and not a novice ride
    Ideally to stay in local area
    Good to do
    You'll love her!.

    County: South Warwickshire
    Tel: 07801 624354
    Email: rose.hamson@turner.com

    For Loan - 14.3hh Mare

    Colour - Bright Bay
    Age - 20
    Name - Kate
    Breed - Welsh Section D

    Ex BSJA Jumping Pony
    looking for a quieter life (No Jumping)
    Now Competes in Veteran Classes
    Good Temperament
    Great in Traffic/Catch/Shoe
    Won't be clipped

    County: Berkshire/Hampshire border
    Tel: 07801 787525
    Email: mrsmewse@hotmail.com

    For Loan - 16.2hh Gelding

    Colour - Dark Bay
    Age - 15
    Name - Benji
    Breed - ID/TB

    Full Loaner Required
    Must Stay At Existing Yard

    County: Upminster, Essex
    Tel: 07821 078085
    Email: Hclarexxx@aol.com

    For Loan or Share - 16hh Gelding

    Colour - Dark Bay
    Age - 12
    Name - Unik
    Breed - Oldenburg

    For loan or share
    Stabled at Codicote - moving a possibility
    Suit experienced rider as not novice ride
    suitable for hacking, jumping up to 2'9, schooling
    2 young children forces loan
    Please no one under 18
    County: Hertfordshire
    Tel: 01438 317 257
    Email: kbridden@yahoo.co.uk

    NEW! Loan Found! - 16.2hh Gelding

    Colour - Black
    Age - 12
    Name - Prince Pablow
    Breed - Warmblood x TB

    I would firstly like to thank World of Horses, I have had a fabulous response to my advert -Thank you.
    Could you please amend my advert and say Loan found and good luck to Mia & Frankie
    I have had 102 enquiries and still getting them. WHAT A GREAT WEBSITE

    Email: anita.bevan@talktalk.net

    For Loan - 15hh Mare


    Colour - Cream
    Age - 12
    Name - Tramona

    Loan Details - Can go on hacks with you. Can groom if you want to. Can ride if you want to. Can bath if you want to. Must muck out her stable. Must stay in own yard

    County: Abbey's farm
    Tel: 01744 234543
    Email: ravingjess@hotmail.com

    For Loan - 12.2 Mare


    Colour - Coloured
    Name -  Tinker's Taboo

    Loan Details - Experienced loan home sought for special pony. Preferably to stay within 25miles of Gloucester, or at current yard with ideal facilities. No need to sell but searching for a special little jockey to accompany this amazing little mare who could go a long way. Much loved, bombproof, jumps for fun!

    County: Gloucestershire

    For Loan - 15hh Liver Chestnut


    Colour - Liver Chestnut
    Breed - Welsh Cob Section D

    Loan Details - Must stay at present yard. Ellie is a loving mare, she deserves a chance. She needs bringing on Full use of school and Jumps. Not a novice ride Lovely paces, Will go far. She needs a confident rider Any questions email me. Please no-one under 18. 25 p/w stable fees

    County: Lancaster
    Tel: 015242 61359
    Email: traceyhartley1965@yahoo.com

     For Loan - 15.3hh Chestnut


    Colour - Chestnut
    Breed - TB

    Loan Details - I need a very confident, experienced rider to ride me 4/5times a week and compete me if they want.
    I need to stay at my present yard in Leeds it has indoor, outdoor school and great hacking.
    If you are interested please contact my mum. 150 per month

    County: West Yorkshire
    Tel: 07961460068
    Email: martin.drivemaster@ntlworld.com



    Loan Horse Wanted!!

    - Any
    Breed - Cob (quiet breed)

    Loan Details -
    For permanent loan.
    Must be safe as want to do mostly hacking.
    Preferably Cob/hardy breed.
    Would like a horse that could be moved to Quarndon.
    I just would like a horse to love and care for!
    Must be moveable to Quarndon.

    County: Derbyshire
    Tel: 01332553388

    For Loan/share - 14.2hh Bay aged 14


    - Bay
    Breed - Welsh Section D

    Share / Loan Details -

    Loan or share required, Would prefer to stay at current yard. Great to Hack alone or in company. Opportunity for local shows and riding activities, 100% traffic, clip, shoe and box etc. Safe but forward going

    County: Hertfordshire
    Tel: 07711 311 950
    Email: maria@volume-clothing.co.uk

    For Loan - 15.1 Bay Mare


    - Bay
    Breed - Warmblood
    Age - 9
    Name - Zaira

    Loan Details -

    Well schooled dressage mare, Opportunity to compete for the right rider, 4 days per week (incl 1 weekend day) 250 per mth. On livery at luxury yard in NW London, 2 outdoor arenas, XC course, 200 acres hacking. Serious and competent dressage riders only please .

    County: NW London / Hertfordshire
    Tel: 07970 139 784
    Email: judith.heinrich@appointmentgroup.com

    For Loan - 12.2 Grey Mare


    - Grey
    Age - 18
    Name - Rosie

    Loan Details -

    Would prefer for her to stay at present yard. Forward going so needs experienced rider
    Has done pony club and hunting, Good natured with no vices, Strong rider required. Treat her as your own .

    County: Essex
    Tel: 07974 218854
    Email: farringtonlops@hotmail.co.uk

    For Loan - 17hh  Bay Gelding


    Breed - Cleveland Bay X
    - Bay
    Age - 8
    Name - Dillon

    Loan Details -

    Must stay @ existing yard, Experienced rider needed to school & hackout. Needs to be worked most days in return this handsome boy has potential & could deliver, Current owner novice, but due to family commitments, excepts this big boy deserves more.

    County: Upminster, Essex
    Tel: 07791 067185
    Email: k.meechan@btinternet.com

    For Loan - 15hh  Irish Draught X


    Breed - Irish Draught X
    - Bay
    Age - 9
    Name - Caprice

    Loan Details -

    Must stay in the area. Regrettably put on loan due to lack of time. Fantastic jump. Professionally schooled. Loving home only. Needs experienced person.

    High Peak
    Tel: 07790 037442
    Email: fiona.jewell@btinternet.com

    LOANED! Thank You!!


    Breed - Welsh Section D
    - Bright Bay
    Age - 13
    Name - Cracker

    Loan Details -

    Hi, I recently placed an advert with you, to look for a loan home for my pony Cracker. I have been absolutely inundated with replies, and I have now found a new home for him, so thank you very much. However, is it possible to remove my advert from the website now?
    Thank you, Kathryn


    For Loan 14.2hh Cob


    Breed - Cob
    - Chestnut
    Age - 20
    Name - Petra

    Loan Details -

    Honest all rounder 14.2hh mare for full loan, Looking for a mature/experienced rider, 100% hack, roads, school, stable manners, no vices. To stay stabled at present yard in Hornchurch, genuine reason for loan. Please contact Sarah via number or email given.


    Tel: 07958 599602
    Email: karentaunton@hotmail.com

    For Loan 15.2hh Thoroughbred X


    Breed - Thoroughbred X
    - Bay
    Age - 13
    Name - Teddy

    Loan Details -

    Must stay on existing Yard. Perfect gent in stable & when riding out no vice's. Snaffle happy mouth, good to shoe, box. Go out on own or in company, excellent riding area. Needs a kind confident, calm experienced rider. Suitable for fun and hacking, he is good in traffic.


    Tel: n/a