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Re: starting your own stables

Category: General Horse Questions


I wish you luck in your ideas, one thing i would suggest is to go and work in a stables as a yard manager or an instructor ( depending on your qualifications) this will gain you valuable experience which you will need before you start your own stables. There will be many different obstacles that crop up that you will not be able to answer from a text book, you need experience which is one thing college does not give you. college gives you reletively quiet horses in a controlled environment, this is completely different from the real world. All owners will rely on you for answers, they will also expect you to be able to help them with the schooling/ caring/veterinary/ feeding etc of their animals, plus the fact that you will need the patience of a saint, most owners think they are always right ( even when they are not). If you are dead set on the idea, try to specialise in a specefic area ie rehab or breaking, as this will give you another income apart from just liveries. Do not go into the riding school thing ( unless you have money to burn) as this will keep your overheads to a minimum. Look into this carefully, remember when you go into business you will have to pay business rates, each stable will cost ? a year, so if you have 20 boxes, each box (for example) might cost 100.00 per year. So think carefully and definately work for someone else first.good luck.

Last changed: February 14, 2003