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Re: Help!!!!!!!!!!!please!!!

From: Jennifer
Category: General Horse Questions


If you haven't done so already I would suggest trying to get your horse on the lunge and see how he reacts without anyone on his back. He might just be being stubborn and trying it on to see how much he can get away with and if that is the case you need to teach him some serious manners. Try having some riding lessons on him using a qualified instructor because you will then be able to get another point of view who will be able to take note of exactly when your horse is being naughty and you might then be able to pin-point what triggers him off. I would also advise getting his teeth & back checked. If you do use a crop/whip it might be a good idea to put these to one side for a while because it can be tempting to give them a good crack when they are winding you up which can sometimes just make things ten times worse. Also, if you take him in the school quite a lot, try a bit of variety like riding him out, or have a few poles on the floor to make him think about what he is doing. It might just be a simple case of boredom. Good luck and stick with it - it will get better!

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