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Re: Horse prices?? Help me please

From: Jennifer
Category: General Horse Questions


In all honesty I wouldn't even consider buying a horse that I had never seen or riden in person. You cannot tell from pictures whether the horse has any ailments such as napping, cribbing, wind-sucking, weaving, and also things like shin splints and back problems. And not to mention whether he/she is good to ride, shoe, groom, stable, with other horses, and with people in general. If you are seriously thinking about purchasing this horse then I would first of all find out if it is freezemarked - if it is, phone up whoever did the freezemark (Such as Farmkey) and try get some history and make sure it hasn't been reported as stolen. Then get a lengthy vet check, preferably from a vet who specialises in equine animals and will also check the horse when it is being ridden not just for disorders such as asthma or heart problems, but also to see whether he/she is a good ride. Good Luck!

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