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Re: Help!!!!!!!!!!!please!!!

From: sam
Category: General Horse Questions


Please whatever you do, DO NOT as someone else suggested 'boot and whip' your horse to 'show it who's boss'!!!!!! Just remember even the smallest of horses are stronger than average person and believe me whatever they choose to do they can, the main reason most horses do not buck, rear etc is because they don't want to!!! If they wanted to they would no matter what. Learn to respect your horse and let your horse learn to respect you and you will build up a good realationship! Schooling as someone else suggested is also a good idea and don't get on board worrying or you are asking for a disaster! A horse will sense that you are worried and if anything that will then either make your horse worry and unwanted behaviour may result, or the horse may take advantage and again unwanted behaviour will result. I have always had big horses and am myself small, however i have always respected them and them me and if they do buck,rear etc. i have always asked them and myself why? Is it that their uncomfortable with something (back or tack problems etc) Is it that their excited (we all get excited!) Is it that they don't understand what we want? If its just purely because their misbehaving, then no amount of screaming, shouting or kicking will get you any where, time and re-education of your horse will be what works, once he wants you for a friend he won't want to misbehave with you on his back. Don't get me wrong my horse is a thourghbred mare and can be very highly strung, but the difference is that i know when she bucks or goes up, its because she's frightend or excited not that she wants me on the floor (believe me if she wanted me on the floor she would put me there-the same as any other horse with any other rider), so i either re-assure her or talk calmly to her and ride very softly to try and calm her down, this has always worked and we have a great realationship and have loads of fun together. Learn to trust your horse and make sure they can trust you, just remember that if your horse doesn't like doing something and you whip etc at your horse, then you have just enforced the fact that it isn't a nice thing to do! Have fun and enjoy..

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