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Re: sour in the school

Category: General Horse Questions


Is it that your horse dislikes being in an outline? Or is it that your horse dislikes being in the school? You will need to find out which of the above two it is. If it is that he just dislikes being in the school, then you need to change his views on this, so that he realises its not a bad place to be. Try just playing with him in the school (on foot) and treating him when he approaches you or wanders around the school as opposed to standing by the exit. You could also give him his feed in here if possible so that he associates it with nice things or maybe even give him a groom in there (if he enjoys being groomed). You can still work on your schooling (bit work) by asking him into an outline whilst you are hacking out. Let him enjoy being in the school before you ask him to work in there! If it is the fact he doesn't want to be in the school because he doesn't want to work in an outline, try and find out why this is? Perhaps it would be worth getting his back and neck checked out, as if he has a problem with either of these he may find it uncomfortable and awkward to work in an outline. If he is just being awkward then maybe try lunging him with side reins so you have more control (make sure you start with the side reins farely baggy and only shorten them as he becomes more suseptible to having them there and being in a rounder shape). When you school (riding) only ask for an outline at halt then just give him a general school-each of the paces, circles etc.(not in an outline) once he does this (outline at halt) without to much resistance, ask him into one at walk and so on. It will take time though! Remember he is only young though and if he is already having problems and dislikes schooling, he needs to be taken back to basics! Make sure you also do a variety of different things throughout the week. Also work on how you ask him into an outline, not all horses respond the same, some need constant hand and leg pressure (gentle) some need the give and take method etc. Maybe if you could give more details on what you are actually doing in your schooling sessions and how exactly he reacts, i may be able to give you more detailed advice, there could be so many different reasons why he is being the way he is! Good luck.. Sam

Last changed: February 14, 2003