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Re: Funny Pic

Can you help??

From: Emma
Category: Horse Health


I own a 5 year old dutch Warmblood and sadly he has been diagnosed with navicular, it is now 5 months into his treatment and he is on navilox and biomethe plus hes wearing bar shoes for corrective shoeing, the angle of his feet has improved emensly after new xrays-but it hasn't helped improve anything in his feet. Not only this im sure hes in pain somewhere else in his body, i have been told to walk him only prferbably on the road. I walked him out the other day and he was doing really good until we came to going downhill (he finds it difficult to walk downhill when coming in from the feild) when walking down this very slight hill he became short and stiff then reared up vertical, i managed to just about stay on but afterwards once his front feet hit the ground he lept forward of all fours the just stood there with his head up and the white of his eyes showing, he got quite upset and wouldnt settle back to a walk until he was on the level again. Surley his navicualr cant be causing him this much pain?? Is there some back problem?? I had him looked at by a physio a few months ago, he had alot of problems but they've been sorted. Also he walks out incredibally stiff behind, ive had his hocks xrayed and they show he has weak bone there with hooks on some of the end of his bone. I hate to see my beautiful 5 year old walk out like this, some days he seems so full of life and bouncy whereas other days he walks out like a 25year old. Ive also noticed that his fetlock joints and knee/sometimes hock get big..not as in puffy and hock just bigger than normal.

I love him to pieces but i cant ride him and as he's a blood horse and only 5 his mind gets bored. Ive started to consider having him put down its just a heartbreaing thought as his minds so talented and willing but hes body cant keep up with him.

I want to give him the best chance before having him put down.

x x x

From: Jayne
Category: General Horse Questions


poor thing hehe

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