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From: wijytop
Category: General Horse Questions


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Re: Welcome to The New Message Board on World of Horses

From: Hannah
Category: General Horse Questions


i would just like to say that i found the old style used on the messaging board much easier to use and to understand. you could see the replies on the same page and not be distracted by other messages. does anyone else find this?


From: Steph
Category: Riding Advice


Hi i'm steph i wonder if you can help me i really want my own horse but my parents say no as it's to expencive and to much responsibillity. I really want to find out if there's anyone who wants me to ride there horse for them should i find out please help. from steph

Category: General Horse Questions


ok i have a free 'n' easy endurance special saddle, vgc, v comfy, suitable for endurance, dressage and hacking, which i need to sell. £745 ono, it can be fitted to virtually any horse! email

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