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Need some Training Help! FAST!!!

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From: Sari Harrison
Category: Training Questions


Hi, I just got 4 new horses that aren't trained yet. Well, 3 aren't quite old enough yet, but soon will be on thier way. I have a 2 year old belgian/morgan cross. We got him as a wild horse and he doesn't like people much. He is big enough and obviously old enough to be trained but we have no idea where to start! We would like some advice. I also have a almost 2 year old TWH that is already reached 15.3 hands. He is huge, and a big baby. He LOVES people. We would also like some advie on where and when to start! thanks for you help! Sari You can e-mail me at for Questions or advice

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From: k\
Category: General Horse Questions


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From: alicia
Category: General Horse Questions


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Category: Cost of keeping horses


i am student i what to know anything about hourses e.g. how much they cost,.

Re: In need of advice

From: Jennifer
Category: General Horse Questions


Hi there. Regarding the feeding problem, it isn't very good for your horse to only be eating straw. You might want to have a look at your hay supply and check it for mould, spores, and dust. If your hay is dusty you might want to try soaking it in water overnight. Put your hay into your haynet, and fill an old bath or bin with cold water. Just put in your full haynet and leave it overnight. Take it out in the morning and put it in your horse's stable. If this doesn't work, then try mixing some hay and straw together and feeding her that. Regarding trying to get her to jump, you are doing the right thing by taking her over trotting poles. Once she is fully confident with that, put up a very low cross pole and ask her to go over it. If she won't, why don't you try asking a friend if he/she can ride over it in front of you to see if your horse will follow. It might take you quite a while to get her used to it, but eventually you will be able to highten the jumps and she won't have a problem with it. Give it a go and see what happens, but whatever you do don't get annoyed or frustrated with her. You want to show her that it can be fun, and you will only be able to achieve this if you be patient with her. Good luck!

Re Weight gain

From: Suzanne
Category: General Horse Questions


Try using Baileys No 1. I have a TB/SB and he drops weight by the second in the winter. This winter he looks a million dollars and you don't have to feed huge amounts.

Top class and exceptional colored German WB Sporthorses

From: Gestuet Falkenhorst
Category: General Horse Questions


For more than 20 years we have bred German Warmblood Sporthorses of the finest Oldenburg, Holsteiner, Hanoverian, Westfalen, Trakehner, Arabian and Thoroughbred bloodlines, in special colors. We offer top quality stallions, mares and offspring with special icing on the cake..... colors: Palomino, Buckskin, Cremello, Perlino, Champagne, Leopard and Pinto.