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Cook Intro Image Equine Management and Training - by The Frederick A Cook Partnership
Allow us to introduce ourselves...

The F.A.C.P team comprises Fred Cook and Rowena Simmonds, with valuable assistance from Georgie.

Fred was "born with horses" and has not ever experienced life without them. His father was a successful trainer of pointers and hunter chasers before switching to a life of not only showing Percherons but also working them on the land.

He was always "dealing" in assorted horses and ponies and Fred didn’t know from one day to the next what he would be riding. People from miles around would pass on their problems and under their father’s guidance, Fred and his brother would straighten them out, take them to a few shows and then they would be sold on. Consequently Fred had a thorough grounding in working with all manner of temperamental horses.

After leaving school Fred worked all over the country with National Hunt horses, pointers and show jumpers. Free time was spent working with his own horses, helping other people with theirs and competing at most levels. It was a natural gravitation to work for himself.

Rowena was not born into a horsey family so "Daddy I want a pony" was somewhat of a shock to her parents. Riding lessons were commenced when she was 4½ years old probably in the hope of putting paid to the idea, but to no avail and at the age of 10 she took delivery of her first pony. The enthusiasm didn’t fade and pony became ponies became horse became horses with courses, clinics, trainers, etc.

Fred and Rowena first met in 1986. They soon discovered they shared many of the same views on training and management and also on the merits of traditional feeding methods. Their relationship flourished and by 1989, with Fred feeling very unfilled in his the current position as Assistant Trainer in a N.H yard, a change of direction beckoned and the Frederick A. Cook Partnership was born.

Friends of the couple marvel at their relationship – 24/7 together and the same star sign!!!! They know and understand each other so well that they often work in complete silence as they concentrate on the job in hand.

The yard is extremely relaxed and there is a happy atmosphere; it is immediately apparent how contented the horses are, their psychological welfare being as equally important as their physical and physiological wellbeing*. Visitors are by appointment; this ensures that the working of the horses is not interrupted and that owners are given full attention and plenty of time.

No introduction would be complete without a word about Georgie, an important member of the team.

Georgie has been successfully rehabilitated when his N.H career was cut short after a tendon injury. Rest followed by plenty of roadwork paid off and at 18 yrs of age has never had any leg problems since that injury. Georgie is a truly fun horse, a good all-rounder. He is chief nanny for roadwork, travelling, companionship, whatever, as and when required, as well as schooling partner on the gallops and over hurdles and chase fences (to date no horse has ever outpaced him). He is a wonderful example of what correct management and training can achieve.

This series will cover all aspects of equine management and training but is only intended to provide a guideline and is not to be construed as a substitute to seeking professional advice.

The next article will cover the environment in which horses are kept.

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