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The German Warmblood

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The Holsteiner Horse

Oldenburg Horse

American Holsteiner Horse Association
222 E. Main Street, Suite 2, Georgetown, KY 40324
(502)863-4239 * Fax: (502)868-0722

The Hanoverian Horse

American Hanoverian Society Central Office
4067 Iron Works Parkway, Suite 1
Lexington, KY 40511
Tel: (859) 255-4141
Fax: (859) 255-8467
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.

The British Hanoverian Horse Society
Chiltern Chambers, St Peters Avenue
Caversham, READING
Berkshire, RG4 7DH
Germany has some of the best competition horses in the world and one important factor was the foundation of the state stud at Celle, in 1735, which provided local people with the services of good stallions at affordable fees. Most of the horses were bred originally for agricultural and carriage use; from the early-mid 20th century, more thoroughbred blood has been introduced to develop types more suited to the leisure and competition rider. The state has taken an active role to the current day in ensuring the quality of breeding stallions which face veterinary inspection before licensing, followed by ridden performance tests.


Probably the oldest of the German Warmbloods, it was derived from inter-breeding of local breeds with Spanish and oriental breeds. During the 19th c. they were crossed with the Yorkshire Coach Horse, to produce the high knee action, presence and good temperaments that made them excellent army horses.
Origin: Germany.

Colour: All colours permissable, Bay with black points and brown most common.

Height: between 16 and 17hh.

Conformation: well-set head in proportion to size, long slightly arched neck, sloping shoulders, strong muscular back and quarters, big clean hocks and hard feet.

Character: intelligent, bold, good temperament.

Uses: all disciplines incl. competition driving.

Germany's heaviest warmblood, it was based on the Fresian horse and developed as a coach horse. Later breeders introduced Thoroughbred, Cleveland Bay and Hanoverian blood and - more recently - further infusions of Thoroughbred and Selle Français have produced a finer horse more suitable for the competitive disciplines.
Origin: Germany.
Colour: Brown, black and bay.
Height: between 16 and 17hh.
Conformation: rather plain head, long strong neck, muscular sloping shoulder, deep chested powerful body and strong quarters, short limbs with plenty of bone and large joints.
Character: intelligent, bold, good temperament.
Uses: all disciplines incl. competition driving.


Developed from the Holstein and imported Trakehners and English horses, particularly the Thoroughbred.
Origin: Germany.
Colour: All solid colours.
Height: between 15.3 and 16.2hh.
Conformation: medium sized head with large eyes, long fine neck, sloping shoulders, prominent wither, deep body and muscular quarters, well muscled limbs with large joints and hard, well shaped feet.
Character: intelligent, bold, good temperament.
Uses: Excel in dressage and show jumping.

American Warmblood Society
2 Buffalo Run Rd.
Center Ridge, AR 72027
501-893-2779 - fax

American Warmblood Registry
P.O.Box 190 Larkspur, CO 80118
Tel: 561-333-5848 ~ Fax 775-667-0516

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