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    The Eriskay Pony

    Eriskay Pony Society UK
    Southfield Farm
    Midlothian EH22 2NX
    Tel: 0131 663 3485
    Email: fmisselbrook@yahoo.co.uk
    Website: www.eriskaypony.com
    Contact: Fiona Misselbrook

    Until recently, numbers of Eriskay ponies were so low and so geographically scattered that most were kept at home for breeding. As a result the ponies were rarely seen in public. Now though, Eriskay ponies can be seen at many shows throughout Britain, with separate Eriskay Society Breed Shows being held annually in both Scotland and England. This year, for the first time Eriskays will be competing in BSPS "Heritage Mountain and Moorland" classes and in special Eriskay only classes at the NPS Spring and Summer shows in Scotland.
    Origin: Dartmoor in Devon, England.
    Colour: Foal colour bay or black normally turning to grey as adults although a few adults remain black or bay. Excessive white markings not permitted.
    Height: from 12 to 13.2hh.
    Conformation: Good bold eyes set well apart. Wide forehead with well set ears in proportion. Head should be generous and pleasant with a deep jaw and tapering muzzle denoting intelligence and kind temperament. A good sloping shoulder with the neck set in high and carried proudly, showing a good length of rein. The chest should not be too broad and beefy. A long rib cage and very short loin ensure strength to the back. Croup to buttocks gently sloping to tail. A naturally good carriage allowing the hindquarters to work efficiently. The limbs strong but not thick, having plenty of clean flat bone and just a little find feather. Hooves should be hard and sound, well rounded and a natural extension of a well proportioned leg. Smooth and free without exaggeration. Good rhythm and cadence. Walk and trot straight and true with good flexion of the hocks and freedom of the shoulders. Mane and tail not coarse and heavy. Fine low set dock and tail well carried. Fine silky coat in summer. Dense but not unduly heavy coat in winter.
    Character: Active, honest and workmanlike with excellent temperament. Sensible and intelligent with a pronounced level of confidence and affinity with humans.
    Uses: n/a.