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The Budenny Horse
The Budenny Horse

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The Budenny, pronounced "bood-YAW-knee" (and, depending on translation from the Russian also spelled Budyonny or, less commonly, Budonny or Budennovsky) horse is one of Russia's most popular and versatile native warmblood sport horses.

Origin: Russia.

Colour: chestnut, Bay and Brown.

Height: between 15.2 and 16hh.

Conformation: tall and rangy, robust and sturdy, well boned and muscled, medium-sized and properly set head with a direct profile. Jaws well developed and widely separated. Long neck and highly set.
High, fairly long withers. Relatively short back, wide and even, however some flatness near the withers is quite common. Wide loins, medium length and muscular. The croup is usually long, of normal slope and width. The shoulder is of medium length or long, and well sloped. The ribs are long and oval. The legs are bony and clean with well defined joints and tendons. The pasterns are of normal length and slope. The hoofs are correct and hard.

Character: brave, spirited and willing.

Uses: jumping and dressage.

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